High-Tech Dentistry

High-Tech Dentistry

Dr. Radu uses advanced dental technology to give you a healthy and beautiful smile.

  • High-Tech Dentistry3D Digital Cone Beam CT Scanner

    Our office features the revolutionary i-CAT 3D Cone Beam Scanner, which captures highly detailed 3D images of the teeth, jaw and supporting structures of the mouth and lower face.

  • High-Tech DentistryImplant Placement Planning Software

    Implant placement planning software lets Dr. Radu precisely determine the angle and depth to place an implant, increasing the accuracy of the surgery and decreasing time patients spend in the dental chair.

  • High-Tech DentistryT-Scan Bite Analysis

    Your bite is an important aspect of your overall oral health. A poor bite can cause numerous problems, including excessive and rapid teeth wear, and jaw dysfunction. Using the T-Scan, Dr. Radu can evaluate your bite and see what treatments need to be done to balance it.

  • High-Tech DentistryLaser Dentistry

    Lasers are used in various dental procedures to provide more efficient, effective and comfortable treatment. When using lasers, there is less need for anesthesia, and it is more gentle on the tissues of the mouth compared to conventional surgical methods.

  • High-Tech DentistryExtraoral Digital Photography

    Dr. Radu will often use digital photography and computer design software to prepare a virtual preview of your cosmetic makeover before starting any treatment. Together you and Dr. Radu can work together using this tool manipulate the way your smile will look after the planned treatments are completed.

  • High-Tech DentistrySurgical Guides

    Dr. Radu uses computer-generated surgical guides, which are created to ensure accuracy in the surgical placement of your dental implants. Surgical guides make implant placement precise compared to other, more conventional methods of “freehand” implant placement.

  • High-Tech DentistryPanoramic X-rays

    Digital Panoramic X-rays capture a complete image of the teeth in panoramic view while using 80% less radiation than conventional X-ray machines. With panoramic X-rays, Dr. Radu can diagnose and plan various dental treatments with greater ease.

  • High-Tech DentistryDigital X-rays

    Digital X-rays are highly advanced, more comfortable and provide accurate results compared to conventional X-rays. Digital X-rays also allow Dr. Radu to show his patients their X-rays on computer monitors, which helps illustrate his diagnosis and treatment goals. Dr. Radu uses the DEXIS system, a leading brand in digital X-ray equipment.

  • High-Tech DentistryUltrasonic Scalers

    Ultrasonic scalers use gentle, high-frequency vibrations to effectively break down and remove plaque and calculus without harming your teeth. Ultrasonic scaling is more comfortable than conventional hand scaling, and effectively removes more bacteria faster and more efficiently. We use the Piezoelectric unit, the most advanced ultrasonic scaler available.

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