Cleanings and Gum Disease Treatment in Boca Raton

Dentist and patient admiring her teeth

Healthy Teeth and Gums for Life!

Clean teeth and healthy gums provide the basis of oral health and help you preserve your teeth for life. Our professional cleanings go a long way toward preventing gum disease, but, should it occur, we’re well equipped to handle it. Our experienced hygienists always supplement your cleanings and gum treatments with excellent home care instruction.

Gentle, Thorough Teeth Cleanings

A professional in-office cleaning is important because it takes special tools and skills to remove unwanted substances from your teeth in a way that cannot be done at home. Here’s what you’ll find when you come to our office for a cleaning:

Experienced, Thorough Hygienists

Sharon, our award-winning hygienist, and 28-year veteran of dental hygiene technology, will leave your teeth feeling smooth and fresh. Part of our team here for the last ten years, she has been providing delicate, meticulous cleanings, and our patients rave about her! She worked in England, taking care of several members of the Royal family, and even worked on Emma Bunton (Baby Spice)!

Hygienist showing patient intraoral photos

We use intraoral camera images to show you what is going on with your teeth.

Kim is our other hygienist and is also a 30-year veteran of dental hygiene. Her favorite part of the day is when she can spend time to truly teach patients the right way to take care of their teeth at home.

Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler and Hand Scaling

Most periodontal experts agree that the best teeth cleaning results are achieved using a combination of ultrasonic scalers and hand instruments—both of which we do.

Our Piezo ultrasonic scaler uses unnoticeable ultrasonic vibrations that blast away plaque, tartar and stains. Water gently courses through the tip of the scaler to wash away the debris that has been removed.

Our hygienists will then complete your cleaning with a thorough yet gentle hand scaling of your teeth to ensure that all bacteria and stains have been removed. 

Educating the Patient for Effective Preventive Care

With their easy manner and gentle touch, our hygienists also use visual aids and models to show you at-home techniques to keep your mouth healthy in between your visits. Our hygienists can even show you pictures of your mouth so that you can see certain areas that may be more susceptible to decay.

Hygienist educating patient

Our hygienists will educate you on proper care for your teeth between dental visits.

New Patient Special Offer
$179 Exam, X-Rays & Cleaning

We are offering all new patients a chance to get a thorough exam, X-rays and a regular cleaning for only $149. This offer includes the following:

  • Full set of X-rays (panoramic X-ray as needed)
  • Function exam (muscles, TMJ, bite)
  • Structure exam (teeth and gums)
  • Smile evaluation
  • Digital imaging—see what your smile could look like!
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Treatment plan
  • Regular cleaning (Special offer does not include more advanced gum treatment.)

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We are very interested in seeing that you have good oral health for life, and regular checkups are an essential part of this. In order to catch any situations early, we recommend a checkup every six months. Included with your oral exam is a meticulous, gentle cleaning with our great hygienists.

Every alternating checkup, we conduct a searching periodontal exam just to make sure your gums are in excellent shape.

Effective Gum Disease Treatment

The doctors and their experienced, skilled hygienists go to great lengths to help you prevent any gum problems. However, if gum disease is present, our team is great at eliminating it.

Gum disease illustration

Gum disease causes the gum tissue to pull away from the tooth.

What Is Gum Disease?

When bacterial growth under the gumline starts to adhere to the tooth root, the gum pulls away from the root. This creates a “pocket” between the tooth root and the gum. Eventually, the bone under the gum also recedes away from the infected tooth root. This is known as bone loss and, if untreated, will eventually lead to tooth loss.

Periodontal Exam

Once a year, we carry out what is known as periodontal charting. This will determine if gum disease is present and, if so, how severe it is. Each tooth is inspected on every side as to its pocket depth and any mobility is recorded. We also use digital X-rays to show any receding gums or bone loss. This allows us to zero in on any area of disease and eradicate them.

Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler for Maximum Comfort and Effectiveness

The Piezo ultrasonic scaler used in our regular cleanings is also an effective tool for treating gum disease. We use this tool to comfortably remove hardened bacterial deposits from beneath the gumline. An antimicrobial substance called Peridex™ is used in conjunction with the ultrasonic scaler to help eliminate bacteria.

Scaling and Root Planning

To treat severe gum disease, we use precision hand scaling tools to gently remove bacterial deposits from the tooth root. The root is then smoothed out—or “planed”—to help prevent further deposits from sticking to it. Our hygienists use hand scaling tools so they can actually feel the smoothness of the root, which cannot always be detected by a machine. Scaling and root planing is often referred to as “deep cleaning.” Patients undergoing this treatment will receive a free electric toothbrush, which has been proven to be more effective than hand brushing.

Arestin® Antibiotic Therapy

In persistent cases of gum disease, we may use Arestin therapy to increase the effectiveness of your gum disease treatment. Arestin contains microspheres (tiny particles) filled with a powerful, time-released antibiotic. These microspheres provide further elimination of bacteria and help reduce the depth of the gum pocket, allowing gums to tighten and reattach to the root of the tooth.

Antibiotic illustration

Arestin kills bacteria and helps the gum heal and reattach to the tooth.

Laser Gum Therapy

In cases where the gum infection requires it, we use a state-of-the-art soft tissue laser, about the thickness of three human hairs, to comfortably remove infected gum tissue. The laser heat not only kills bacteria, but it seals the nerve endings as it goes, promoting gum regeneration.

Severe Gum Disease

Our doctors can even successfully treat advanced cases of gum disease using procedures including scaling and planing, laser gum therapy, gum grafting and flap surgery.

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