Solutions for Missing Teeth and Denture Wearers in Boca Raton

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A missing tooth or teeth can result in bone loss and shifting of the remaining teeth. If you have one or more missing teeth, we can help you. Our doctors are highly trained and experienced in a wide array of tooth replacement procedures and offer customized solutions, including dental implants, bridges and dentures

Single dental implant

A single dental implant is used to replace a missing tooth.

Single Tooth Replacement

To replace a single missing tooth, our doctors recommend a dental implant as the healthiest option. Implants restore full chewing power and don’t affect adjoining healthy teeth the way a traditional dental bridge does.

However, a dental implant is not always the answer for everyone. We also offer high-quality dental bridges and removable partials. After a thorough examination, our doctors will go over the options with you.

Implant supported bridge

An implant-supported bridge is an option for replacing multiple missing teeth.

Multiple Teeth Replacement

Ideally, each missing tooth would be replaced with a dental implant to provide maximum strength and chewing power. But this can be expensive if many teeth are missing, so we offer alternatives including bridges.

A dental bridge can be secured with one or more dental implants. With this more economical option, you’ll still enjoy many of the benefits dental implants provide.

If you have some healthy teeth remaining, our doctors can fabricate a bridge for you that is anchored by your own healthy tooth roots, eliminating the need for dental implants. High-tech, removable, partial dentures that snap precisely into place are another alternative we offer.

Replacing All Your Teeth

If you are missing all of your teeth, or they are too damaged to repair, we have options to restore your smile. These include:

Implant supported denture

Removable Implant-Supported Dentures

Your best choice may be a removable denture supported by implants. In this case, the doctors will place either “mini” or conventional-sized implants with a special type of attachment that allows the dentures to be easily snapped in and out for cleaning. This gives you a stable set of replacement teeth that don’t become loose while you eat or speak.

Fixed implant supported teeth

Stable Teeth Today Fixed, Implant-Supported Dentures

Fixed, implant-supported dentures provide patients with durability, chewing power and comfort at a lower cost than porcelain bridges supported by implants. The dentures are usually attached to five or six implants. You never have to take them out, you can eat what you want and enjoy a lifelike set of new teeth.

Denture stabilization with dental implants

Denture Stabilization

The doctors can also retrofit your existing dentures with two or more implants per arch for a no-slip, no-adhesive denture.

Dental implant full-arch bridge

Implant-Supported Full-Arch Dental Bridge

We can replace all your teeth with lifelike porcelain dental bridges anchored by implants. These can be cleaned in the usual manner and are not removable. Our doctors will examine your digital images and consult with you. They will explain the options and the number, size and type of implants needed.


High-Quality Dentures

Our doctors are very proficient with full dentures and, in fact, love doing them because of the beautiful results they get. Although the doctors usually recommend that you anchor your dentures with at least two implants per arch, conventional dentures are an alternative to implants when all teeth are missing.

Learn more about our dentures.

Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation

Dental implant consultation with patient

If you have one or more missing teeth and would like to find out what your options are, our doctors would be happy to meet with you and answer all your questions during a free consultation. They will present your treatment options, keeping your lifestyle and budget in mind. Your consultation will include the following:

  • Panoramic X-ray
  • Meet with the doctor
  • Learn about your available treatment options
  • Find out if you are a candidate for dental implants
  • Get all your questions answered

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