Tooth Extractions & Wisdom Teeth in Boca Raton

Gentle, Comfortable Extractions

Tooth Extractions & Wisdom Teeth

Dr. Radu performs very gentle tooth extractions, including wisdom teeth.

Dr. Radu firmly believes it is always preferable to preserve your natural teeth if possible. However, it is sometimes necessary to extract a tooth. This can be due to extensive decay, a serious injury to the tooth, or because your jaw is overcrowded with teeth.

A top priority for Dr. Radu is to make any dental procedure as painless and comfortable as possible. He is very experienced with extractions and has developed a series of techniques for giving painless injections that help make tooth removal a very gentle procedure.

Dr. Radu uses special thin elevators almost exclusively, which nudge the tooth out of the socket, and he does not use any chisels or hammers in the extraction process.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come in, usually in a patient’s late teens or early twenties. Sometimes they grow at an angle, which can make surrounding teeth become crooked. Other times they only partially emerge above the gum line, creating a condition where food gets trapped in the gums. This attracts bacteria and promotes gum disease. An impacted wisdom tooth is one that never breaks through the gum line at all, and this condition can make it harder to extract if it needs to be removed.

Dr. Radu is experienced in wisdom teeth extractions, but he reviews each case individually. He will decide whether to perform the extraction himself or refer you to an oral surgeon.

Socket Preservation

When a tooth is extracted, the empty socket is no longer receiving the stimulation a tooth provides to the bone and tissue. Dr. Radu will fill the socket with a biocompatible bone grafting material, which effectively preserves surrounding bone as well as stimulates new bone and tissue growth.

Socket preservation is also often done to build up the jawbone for a dental implant when the patient does not currently have enough bone to support one. Even if the patient is not having an implant placed now, socket preservation prepares the socket for a possible future implant.

Comfort and Relaxation

We take great care to see that our patients are as comfortable as possible during an extraction or any dental procedure. We provide pillows, blankets and warm towels, and if you want, you can listen to music on headphones or speakers.

Even though Dr. Radu’s injections are painless, we also offer additional methods, if needed, to ease your anxiety. We can provide nitrous oxide or oral sedation to help you feel more relaxed and calm.