Patient Testimonials

Virginia Zeani

Patient Testimonials - Dr. Michael RaduWorld-renowned opera singer and teacher Virginia Zeani is very thankful for her new smile

“I am so grateful for the work that Dr. Radu has done with my teeth. I am smiling again, and with joy!

“For thirty five years I sang in all of the major opera houses throughout the world. Then I became a distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Indiana, Bloomington, Indiana. Now I live in West Palm Beach, Florida where I spend time with my friends, admirers and my son Dr. Alessandro Rossi Lemeni and his family. Everyone in this community, even some people from New York, are happy to see Dr. Radu. His disposition is always excellent!

“It was such a pleasure working with Dr. Radu and his team. When he works, he even sings the melodies of tenors and baritones! Dr. Radu’s sincere interest in his patients’ smiles makes us all very happy.

“Thank you, Dr. Radu!”


Patient Testimonials“My experience with Dr. Radu and his practice has been five-star. I am extremely picky when it comes to my teeth and my smile. Dr. Radu listened carefully to every comment and concern I had along the way. Improving your smile is a process – a process that requires dedication on both the part of the patient and the dentist.

“Dr. Radu is patient and thorough, and his artistry is frankly amazing. I originally came to him based on a recommendation from a friend because I needed to replace old amalgam fillings that I suspected were the cause of an elevated mercury level. From there, Dr. Radu brought me through Invisalign® to straighten my teeth and realign my bite, and we completed the improvements by replacing 20-year-old veneers that had yellowed as a result of the cement used at the time. I couldn’t be happier with the end result!

“To top it off, the staff at Dr. Radu’s practice is phenomenal – professional, always pleasant and accommodating, and the office is state-of-the-art because Dr. Radu makes it a priority to stay current with the latest procedures and technology. Like I said, a five-star experience! He is a master in his field. He stays current with new technology and works towards perfection with every aspect of my smile. He listened carefully to my concerns and offered a variety of solutions. He is extremely personable and always gave me his undivided attention. No detail was too small.

“The entire practice is staffed with knowledgeable professionals. They make each patient feel welcome and important. The office and examining rooms are pristine. Individual video screens are available for each chair. My smile is now terrific! At the age of 58, my lower teeth, which were not straightened by braces when I was a child, are straight for the first time in my life. My teeth are whiter, yet still natural-looking.”


Patient Testimonials“I went to Dr. Radu because of a cracked molar. He was very thorough in explaining the procedure as well as all the costs involved. Tina helps Dr. Radu and she made my visit feel more relaxed and always has a warm smile to make the most uncomfortable of visits totally comfortable. Honestly, the whole staff is amazing! Dr. Radu’s office is a work of art: from the time you walk in you feel completely at ease.

“Upon meeting with Dr. Radu, he really took the time to listen to my needs and is honest about the necessary steps to take in order to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. I would say Dr. Radu is like a walking encyclopedia full of knowledge, empathy and complete passion for what he does. The office is so beautifully decorated and there is ample parking to get you in and out without any aggravations.

“Never thought I would ever love to go to the dentist this much! But not just any dentist – Dr. Michael Radu & his staff. Dr. Radu takes the time to get to know what the patient wants and then honestly tells you what you need. He is extremely knowledgeable in the field. He is always warm and listens. Dr. Radu educates me on my teeth and provides a safe environment that makes me forget I am at the dentist.”


Patient Testimonials“I chose Dr. Radu because of his excellent reputation. He is professional, knowledgeable and gentle, and he provided effective, quick, efficient treatment with excellent results. Dr. Radu replaced my old metal fillings and fixed my crooked teeth. I now have a lovely, natural-looking smile.

“The entire staff is very friendly and equally professional. Sharon is a great dental hygienist and makes getting my teeth cleaned a pleasant experience.

“You are in good hands with this team.”


Patient Testimonials“I underwent treatment for Invisalign with Dr. Radu and felt I was in the best of care. From the beginning of my treatment Dr. Radu listened to my concerns and explained very thoroughly how my issues with my teeth and bite would be corrected. He always takes his time with me, I never feel rushed. Dr. Radu’s treatment is not only a science it really is an art.

“I am so thrilled Dr. Radu suggested Invisalign for me rather than traditional braces. I had minimal pain or discomfort and the convenience of them was a luxury. The atmosphere in Dr. Radu’s office is very friendly and warm. I always feel welcomed. The staff at Dr. Radu’s office always goes out of their way to make you comfortable and will always greet you with a smile. I feel they have become my friends. My husband spoke so highly of Dr. Radu I decided to give him a try…I’m so glad I did. That was approximately 10 years ago.

“I like Dr. Radu’s caring way he has about him and his knowledge about dentistry. I like how relaxed and yet professional the practice is. They really put you at ease. Since my bite has been corrected it’s made the discomfort that I experienced in my jaw stop and my teeth look fabulous!”


Patient Testimonials“I’ve known Michael for 25 years. He is the best dentist I know, probably one of the best dentists out there! He really cares to help you, listens to you and respects your wishes, even if he tells you that ideally you should maybe do something else than you want right that moment. The honesty is something striking – he explains, shows, advises you, but lets you choose the options. I am a physical therapist and refer to him all the time – my patients, my friends, all go to him. He never failed to help and impress all the people I referred to him.

“My mouth needed a lot of repair. I got a full-mouth restoration and he did it in stages – first the lower front, then upper front, then back teeth, but with the end in mind, so the result was great. And if a crown broke a few years later, due to an accident, he fixed it at a very nominal fee. He stands behind his work and always is very fair. He is one of a kind! He is warm and honest and has a passion for dentistry. He is very competent, honest, caring, always uses the newest techniques and materials. You feel he cares about you. All his staff have been working there for many years. I know them all and he selected them well. I guess they behave like him – they are like a family that welcomes you there. And the new office is super modern! My crowns are beautiful, my bite is perfect, and I need no repairs now, for about 10 years.”


Patient Testimonials“I first came to Dr. Radu when my front tooth had died. A root canal had been performed by another dentist. I wanted Dr. Radu to replace my front tooth because a friend of mine had had work done by Dr Radu and his teeth were beautiful. However, when I first was examined by Dr. Radu, he diagnosed me with TMJ and told me that I had killed my front tooth by the bite problem. Before I could get the tooth replaced, Dr. Radu said I needed to have my jaw adjusted back into place.

“Over a series of a couple of months Dr. Radu had me wear a bite plate which he kept adjusting until my jaw was back in line. Then he made me the most beautiful teeth. I continue to wear the bite plate to keep my jaw in place.

“My teeth are beautiful and my headaches are gone all because of Dr. Radu. He is a very intelligent, inquiring person who is always striving to learn something new about helping his patients. He has helped me resolve my TMJ issues and has given me beautiful teeth. Everyone here is kind, concerned and remembers you. They are all invested in patient care.”


Patient Testimonials“Dr. Radu and his staff are the only ones I trust for my dentistry needs. Before we worked together I was self conscious about my smile. My teeth were crooked, chipped and yellow. During our consultations we discussed what I would look like, the amount of discomfort, the amount of time in the chair and the costs. Dr. Radu answered every question and made me aware of each step.

“Everyone is so nice and helpful. I am grateful for the recommendation and have recommended him to family and friends. He is a very good dentist. He listens to me and he is easy to talk to. Everyone is very friendly, and I enjoy going to this office. The hygienists are very good and informative.

“During the procedures he was focused, quiet and I felt like the only patient he was thinking about. He transformed my mouth. I can smile again with confidence. Since we finished, I feel self-confident and know the work he performed is quality because I have had no troubles in seven years. Dr. Radu takes pride in his work and I am proud to be his patient.”


Patient Testimonials“When I moved to Florida I was just looking for a dentist. Fortunately my hygienist up north had lived here and highly recommended Dr. Radu. On initial consultation he thoroughly presented options for improving both the condition and appearance of my mouth and teeth. Mine was not a simple case and it was pretty overwhelming at first. He patiently listened to and addressed my concerns and sent me off to mull it over with an invitation to call with any questions.

“Now fast forward. A week after all implants, supports and dentures were in place I went out to an unfamiliar restaurant. The hostess said ‘You know, you have a beautiful smile.’ I welled up and told her, ‘You don’t know what that means to me!’ People had often noted that I had a ‘nice’ smile, but no one ever said ‘beautiful’.

“Dr. Michael Radu made this happen for me and seems to have experienced as much joy about it as I have. His overall concern is for the patient, and you get as much time as you need for any treatment and addressing your concerns. ‘Okay’ is not okay with Dr. Radu – he’s a perfectionist. He never stops researching and studying in his field. He is a consummate practitioner as well as an artisan.

“So, in the end, my oral health is better, my self-esteem is boosted…and I just can’t stop smiling! Thank you Michael.”


Patient Testimonials“Dr. Radu and his practice came highly recommended by a former staff hygienist within his practice. The Initial visit was set-up and all staff were very cordial and welcoming. After a hygienist appointment and review of dental records, a consult with Dr. Radu took place, he discussed healthiness of my teeth and gums and options for restorative work on one tooth in front. Dr. Radu gave me the cost for the procedure (in writing) and was agreeable to a payment plan. I opted not to have the procedure until several months later and he abided by my decision, gracefully!

“The hygienist, Sharon, is quite thorough and makes common sense recommendations. She always greets me with a smile and inquires as to what trips or adventures have taken place since my last visit. Tina, his assistant tech person is always there with a warm greeting. She is excellent at explaining procedures (as is Dr. Radu) and always makes follow-up calls after a procedure. Erin and Susan do a great job with the scheduling and, if necessary, ‘fitting’ you in when it’s an emergency. They always greet you with a ‘Hello, how are you?’ and a big smile!

“Dr. Radu is very thorough and explains options, without insisting you take his advice, or engage in any cosmetic endeavors unnecessarily. I feel very confident having him keep my teeth healthy! Thank you!”

Additional Testimonials

World-renowned performer and composer Yanni loves his new smile

“I would like to express in writing what I told you in person throughout our interactions.

“As I came to you referred by someone inside the dental profession, I knew I could trust you and your skills. From our first meeting I realized you are more than merely a highly trained professional, you also cared about my dental health. You offered me a simple, non-invasive approach to a problem other dentists did not know how to solve.

“Later on, as we further improved my smile, you displayed qualities rare to find; you listened to me and then offered me options. Your judgment and careful approach are matched by your technical skills. Your passion for dentistry is matched by genuine personal warmth.

“As an artist, I have recognized the artist in you, when it came to the design of my smile. This, in spite of the fact you always say it is a scientific approach that makes a smile beautiful! The science really came to the forefront when we dealt with my bite.

“A special word of appreciation is appropriate for your staff. As we have known each other for about five years, it is a pleasure to deal with the same highly qualified and kind assistants and receptionists. Tina and Barbara are superbly trained professionals who make every visit to the office a good experience.

“It is reassuring to know I have you as the dental professional on my team. It is always a pleasure to deal with you and your staff!

“I thank you again for everything you did for me, and for being the way you are.”

— Yanni

“I have known Dr. Radu for over 20 years both as a patient and as a colleague in the community. He is a truly dedicated professional who takes care of his patients in an excellent manner and always is compassionate and caring in his approach. I am proud to be his patient and have sent my whole family and friends to his practice and they thank me every day. If you are interested in the best dentist in Boca Raton and a true gentlemen, Dr. Radu is for you.”

— Dr. Charles Buchbinder

“After a car accident left me with a severely damaged dental structure, I visited many dentists always with the same result: ‘You will have to pull the rest of your teeth.’ Then I found Dr. Michael Radu in Boca Raton, Florida. His attitude was much different than the others. After an extensive examination he looked me in the eye and said: ‘No Problem!’ Those two words were music to my ears – I would get to keep the remaining teeth. I would be able to eat corn on the cob, and best of all I would be able to smile again. You see, Dr. Radu is different. He can lead and he can follow. He leads by using his experience to develop a plan for every patient and he follows the wants of every patient which results in a final course of action by including his patient input in the final plan of action.

“After many early morning appointments the work was finished. When I looked in the mirror for the first time it was perfect and was even good enough for my wife, Mary to respond with a loud ‘WOW!’

“I moved and from time to time I have to return to the dentist. When my new dentist first sees my dental work their response is a simple “WOW!” Then they always inquire: ‘Who did your dental work? I have never seen anything like that, it is spectacular.’

“These dentists are right when they say that Dr. Radu does spectacular work, because he does. It has now been over 20 years since I first visited Dr. Radu, and I feel stronger about the way Dr. Radu solves dental problems now than I did then. I now live over 250 miles from Boca Raton, and I still return to see Dr. Radu.

“You see I, too, think Dr. Radu is spectacular… because he is.”

— John

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Radu for over ten years. He and his staff have been positive and consistent in their care. From scheduling, to hygiene, to billing, the staff, assistants and hygienists have been caring and cognizant of any personal issues that have arisen. In addition to my regular cleanings that need special care due to the sensitivity of my gums and teeth, Dr. Radu has been an ‘artist’ in the care of my smile.

“First, we worked together, using Invisalign, to correct my lower teeth. The process was described to me perfectly and the actual work did not deviate from what Dr. Radu initially described.

“Second, we replaced my two front teeth with veneers. Dr. Radu worked with me patiently to make a perfect color and size match.

“Dr. Radu and his team made me proud to smile a grin again. I am grateful to his entire office and look forward to being his patient for years to come….and to have my young children become patients of his as well.”

— Laura

“Dr. Radu is an honest dentist whose skills are impeccable. He has been our dentist for eight years and my wife and I highly respect him as a professional and a human being.”

— Dr. Jacob Kalmanson

“My husband and I have entrusted our dental care to Dr. Radu for over 20 years. He has ensured I have healthy teeth and gums. However, very old dental work was making my smile look tarnished. An investment in crowns for my front teeth gave me back my happy smile.

“Dr. Radu is a perfectionist when it comes to his dental practice. Not only is he a highly skilled professional, but he also is a good listener. Together we determined what he would do to correct my teeth. The time and patience he took every step of the way as he made my crowns ensured they looked and felt like my own teeth. I could not be more pleased. Our community is fortunate to have such an accomplished, dedicated dentist.”

— Edith

“Over the past 20+ years as a surgical specialist – periodontist and dental surgeon, I have worked with many local dentists. Few if any, care as much as Michael Radu. I enjoy working with him on simple and complex cases and it is clear that his concern for the patient’s outcome is genuine and the results are of the highest quality. When we work together it is obvious that he examines, prepares and presents solid, sound treatment plans and then we execute them to world class levels. His artistic skill and talent is reflective in the work, and the office atmosphere that he created with an architect is a work of art in itself. Michael Radu is a rare talent and I thoroughly enjoy working together with him on our challenging cases.”

— Jack Krauser, D.M.D.

“From the moment I walked into Dr. Radu’s office, I knew I had made the right choice. Originally, I had two consultations with Dr. Radu in which he explained in detail all the options available to me as well as his recommendation for my problems. He gave me the feeling that I was talking to a family member. Once we decided the appropriate course of action, I really got to see the reason I highly recommend Dr. Radu and his staff.

“I spent seven or eight visits getting work done. Dr. Radu and his staff made me feel like I was the most important person in the office. They constantly made sure I was comfortable and let me know before and everything they were going to do. I cannot put into words how satisfied I was with my experience with Dr. Radu. Since the work was completed I have received phone calls to make sure I was all right. Choosing Dr. Radu was the best decision I have made and I consider him and his staff like family.”

— David

“I want to let you know much I appreciate the extraordinary care you have given to me during the past few years. I have never experienced anyone who wasn’t a blood relation who cared so much for my welfare. You are an exceptional man. Not only are you an excellent dentist but your care goes far beyond dentistry. You are a perfectionist who spends so much time making sure nothing is missed and that everything is just right. You have given so many extra hours to correct the minutest thing that any other dentist would have passed over as unimportant.

“You have trained a staff that has the same values for excellence as you have. They are all outstanding. You are so kind and compassionate and sensitive and sweet. I am so grateful I have been in your care and that you have made my smile so beautiful, and have also technically made my bite perfect as well.

“I thank you for all of this and you have my permission to use this letter to let your other patients and prospective patients know how highly I recommend you.”

— Lois

“Words cannot express how happy I am with the procedures that were done by Dr. Radu. I am now smiling a lot more and eating foods that once had to be cut because I feared biting into them would break a tooth.

“If you are looking for someone with the following qualities, Dr. Radu is that person: kind, patient, professional, thorough, a perfectionist and the list could go on. Thank you Dr. Radu for all your time and patience with me!”

— Gloria

“My teeth grinding was causing my six front teeth to gradually chip away. I knew that someday I would need to get them fixed. It wasn’t until I saw the photos Dr. Radu took of my teeth that I realized how bad they had become, and that ‘someday’ had become now.

“Three prior dentists wanted me to get crowns. Putting crowns on my six front teeth was a decision I was going to live with forever. What if the workmanship wasn’t good? Could I get a ‘do-over’? What if they looked like ‘Chiclets’? Could I get my money back? I did not have the level of trust I needed in both their quality workmanship and conscientiousness of patient care for such major, visible work to take place in my mouth.

“When my permanent crowns were ‘installed,’ I was really delighted because the shapes, color and translucency looked just like natural teeth. I find myself smiling a lot more than I used to. I feel friendlier.

“The beautiful crowns that Dr. Radu made for me have truly improved the quality of my life. They have given me back my great smile and teeth that I used to have. If I had to remake the choice of whether to spend the money on a beautiful diamond necklace or on six beautiful front crowns, guess what my decision would be?”

— Janet

“My dental health was on a gradual decline – problems with gums bleeding, old crowns and veneers failing and enamel erosion. These issues, plus relocation to Florida, required a new dentist. I used several references to find an experienced, first class dentist. After rather extensive research, I decided to visit Dr. Radu’s office for a free consultation. Everything, including Dr. Radu himself, was extremely impressive. The office is clean, modern and the practice owns its own building. The equipment in the practice rooms is state-of-art. The staff, including Dr. Radu, are friendly, informative and helpful. I was most impressed with his examination, with extensive photos taken, and the sit-down consultation.

“Dr. Radu walked me through all he had found and observed, and recommended alternatives for improving my dental health. He also gave me a written estimate of costs associated with different treatment alternatives. There was no pressure, and the whole experience was like dealing with the best ‘old-time’ doctor who only wants your best. As Dr. Radu went through the consultation, he showed pictures of his work to illustrate and give examples of what I could expect if a certain treatment plan was selected. In the end, I scheduled only a hygienist cleaning for a future date. This allowed time for further evaluation of the practice before committing to a treatment plan. Ultimately, I was most impressed with all I saw and experienced with my interactions with Dr. Radu and his staff.

“In my past, I have worked in the dental field, and have always had the very best dentist in the area where I lived. Everything I saw and experienced with Dr. Radu, his staff and the physical equipment/technology used impressed me as truly first class. After getting second opinions on the prices Dr. Radu quoted for his work, I determined his prices were reasonable and competitive with other dentists in this area. I eventually decided to do a full mouth restoration, using Dr. Radu, which took approximately five months. I can now say that Dr. Radu’s work is brilliant. He also has one of the best hygienists I have ever experienced, and his assistants and office staff are as good as it gets.

“Comments: First, I have to say Dr. Radu’s hygienist is exceptional. She is probably the best I have ever experienced. Not only does she do a great job, but also takes time to consult and educate on best practices. She really cares. Highly recommended. The process and outcome of my full mouth restoration went far beyond all expectations. There were many problems with my teeth and gums, but Dr. Radu was able to skillfully deal with all issues. The work was done in a painless manner. I am experienced in injection technology, and can report Dr. Radu’s technique, for pain elimination, is as good as or better than I have ever experienced. His lab work is also the best I have ever seen, and the end results reflect this. The whole staff, dental assistants and administrative, are superbly trained and experienced. After every visit, I received a call from the assistant who assisted Dr. Radu on the procedure to make sure I was happy and doing well. They are always ready to go to the office to work through any issues, although I had none.

“The bottom line is, I now have beautiful teeth and healthy gums. The oral health change is hard to believe. I can never remember my mouth being totally healthy, as it is now. Plus my teeth look perfect AND natural. In addition, all the work done came in under the original estimate. I believe that if it were possible to have a top 100 rating of dentists in the US, Dr. Radu would certainly rank at the top of the list. I personally think he is a dental genius – and one of the nicest, caring and interesting men I have ever met. Plus he runs one of the best dental practices I know of the in US – which includes hygienist services and an efficient, friendly office staff.”

— Gary