Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Boca Raton

Full-Mouth Reconstruction - Dr. Michael Radu

Restore your smile to full health and beauty

Restoring your mouth to full functionality with a natural, attractive look can make a huge difference in your self-confidence and overall health. A person’s smile can deteriorate over the years due to food and drink stains, broken-down or chipped teeth, missing teeth, gum disease, tooth decay or other factors.

Dr. Radu draws from his 35 years of experience and tailors your smile restoration to your specific needs. His training includes five years of daily mentoring from one of Germany’s premier dentists. Dr. Radu has taken various other courses on the subject, including studying at the prestigious Pankey Institute.

Knowledgeable diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan

Full-Mouth Reconstruction - Dr. Michael Radu

We use 3D CT scans and digital X-rays as part of our thorough diagnostics.

Dr. Radu’s treatment plan for you may involve several different techniques and is usually done in stages. He uses 3D images and other high-tech diagnostic tools to see what he needs to know of your bone structure, teeth and bite.

One factor that makes Dr. Radu’s treatment so excellent is his meticulous attention to testing and equalizing the person’s bite. This goes a long way toward fixing the reason you may have developed teeth problems in the first place. It also promotes long term longevity of the restorations.

Dr. Radu always keeps your concerns in mind. He carefully analyzes the situation and works out your treatment plan in the sequence and time frame that works for you.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

A full-mouth reconstruction can involve one or more of the following:

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Dr. Radu always shows you what he finds in his thorough exams and answers your questions.

TMJ treatment

Dental Implants

Gum Disease Treatment

Porcelain Crowns

Implant-Supported Dentures


Onlays or Inlays

Root Canals

Dental Bridges

Complimentary Consultation

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Dr. Radu offers a free consultation so you can go over your concerns about your oral health and find out what your options are.

If you have broken-down or decayed teeth, gum disease or other issues, Dr. Radu is happy to offer a free consultation so you can find out how to return your smile to full functionality and beauty.

You can come in and meet Dr. Radu and discuss your situation with him. He will listen to all your concerns and let you know what your options are.

Dr. Radu also offers a New Patient Special Exam which includes a very thorough exam with a full set of X-rays, and even includes a thorough cleaning by one of our highly skilled hygienists. The cost for this exam is only $149.

To make an appointment, call 561.220.0454 or click here to request an appointment online.

Before and Afters

  • Full-Mouth Reconstruction - Dr. Michael Radu
  • Full-Mouth Reconstruction - Dr. Michael Radu

Patient Testimonial

“I decided to do a full-mouth restoration. Dr. Radu’s work is brilliant. The process and outcome of my full-mouth restoration went far beyond all expectations. There were many problems with my teeth and gums, but Dr. Radu was able to skillfully deal with all issues. The work was done in a painless manner. The bottom line is, I now have beautiful teeth and healthy gums. The oral health change is hard to believe. Plus my teeth look perfect AND natural. In addition, all the work done came in under the original estimate.