Root Canal Therapy in Boca Raton

Root Canal TherapyFast, pain-free Root Canal Therapy, often in one visit

Root canal therapy is performed when the pulp, the nerves and tissues in the center of the tooth, becomes infected and needs to be removed to save the tooth.

Dr. Radu has been successfully performing painless, thorough root canal therapy for years. The procedure is completed quickly with lasting results.

What is Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy consists of drilling the infected tooth to access the canals, cleaning out the infected canals and then sealing the canals.

When the pulp of the tooth becomes infected, it is necessary to remove it in order to save the tooth. Gaining access from the top of the tooth, the infected pulp is removed and the chamber disinfected. Once that is done, a filler material is then placed in the chamber and sealed. Since the procedure may weaken the tooth, a crown is often placed over the tooth to protect and strengthen it as a final step.h

One-visit Root Canals

Dr. Radu wants to dispel the myth that root canal therapy is something to be feared. Many times they can be completed in one visit. And with the proper anesthesia, root canal therapy is as uneventful as getting a filling.

We use high-tech digital apex locators and X-rays to precisely gauge the length of the root canal space. Then Dr. Radu uses a rotary instrument to clean out the pulp.

$149 New Patient Special
Exam, X-Rays and Consultation

Root Canal Therapy

Digital X-rays are included in our new patient special offer.

If you suspect you might need root canal therapy but are not sure, you should come in for the New Patient Special Offer and get an exam. Dr. Radu will be able to tell you what the problem is and whether you need root canal therapy or something else.

  • Full set of X-rays (panoramic X-ray as needed)
  • Function exam (examine muscles, TMJ, bite alignment)
  • Structure exam (examine teeth and gums)
  • Esthetic exam (smile evaluation)
  • Digital imaging – see what your smile could look like!
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Treatment plan
  • Regular cleaning (Special offer does not include more advanced gum treatment.)

This offer applies only to new patients without insurance.

Dental codes: Exam – 0150; X-rays – 0210; Cleaning (Prophylaxis) – 1110

$310 value!

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Signs you might need a Root Canal

Root Canal TherapyPain is often a symptom of needing root canal therapy, but sometimes you can have an infection without pain. Another indication is an abscess or pimple near the tooth or a discoloration of the tooth.

Other symptoms you may experience with a tooth that needs a root canal include:

  • Pain that occurs without any stimulus
  • Pain when biting down
  • Pain when the tooth is exposed to heat or cold that continues for a few minutes
  • A feeling of tenderness inside the tooth