Cosmetic Dentistry – Every Dentist Is A Cosmetic Dentist

A short discussion on cosmetic dentistry - By Dr. Michael Radu - July 2016

Dentistry is more and more presented as an art, rather than a science. Most dentists are creating websites displaying their aptitudes as cosmetic dentists. Most are probably entitled to call themselves “cosmetic dentists”.

My question is a simple one: should any dentistry be ugly? To answer simply: No, all dentistry should be beautiful; therefore, all dentists should be… cosmetic dentists!

The reality is still not in harmony with this nice goal. Many times, the results of some dental procedures are less than esthetic.

Cheap dentistry cannot be cosmetic, and cosmetic dentistry is not cheap!

Why can’t a dentist be cheap when doing a cosmetic procedure? In general, a more complex cosmetic case requires additional training, more time spent in planning and execution, even some additional tools or materials. All these cost money, so such cosmetic procedures may cost more than a simple filling, or even a regular crown.

Oftentimes we meet new patients that were looking to change their dentist because they perceived them as not being a “cosmetic dentist”. When asked why they perceive them as non-cosmetic dentists, usually we get two stories: a. The office doesn’t look like a cosmetic office (you get the hint); or b. The dentist never offered to do a cosmetic procedure, let alone a smile analysis. Perception is huge in the patient’s mind, and rightfully so.

cosmetic dentistry

In summary, we believe we are a cosmetic office because:

  • We care about the patient’s smiles – we ask permission to show what’s possible in dentistry today. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Teeth whitening is the simplest cosmetic procedure; orthodontics (Invisalign) is next on the list; bondings, veneers or porcelain crowns are the more complex solutions, involving a laboratory.
  • We take a lot of continuing education courses in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry.
  • We listen to you the patient, because your objectives become part of the treatment plan –if your goal is to fix one broken tooth, we do that; if it’s to fix your whole smile, we can do that too.
  • We create a digital smile design on all patients that we think may benefit from a smile makeover. That doesn’t mean we push that treatment, but it’s there to show you the possibilities.
  • We use the latest CAD-CAM digital technology.
  • We use the most advanced laboratories we can find – some are in Germany, some in California, or New York, some are local. The quality and consistency is what we look for, not the best price.

Dr. Radu will explain what he sees in your X-rays and can let you know if bone grafting or a sinus lift may be needed.

So, yes, every dentist should be a cosmetic dentist, because dentistry should be always beautiful. We think our dentistry is beautiful. Come in and see for yourself.